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Journal Article 1: Allostatic Load and Child Maltreatment

Description: Severely maltreated children--especially those who end up in the child welfare system--may experience a pervasive, persistent dysregulation of their physiological systems, potentially resulting in poor health and even premature death.

Journal Article 2: Depression and Anxiety in Diabetes and Arthritis

Description: This investigation examined the risk factors for depression and anxiety among people who had been diagnosed with either diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis 2 years earlier. Results were similar for both diseases. Having children at home and poor coping styles predicted depression and anxiety.

Journal Article 3: Parkinson’s Disease: Locus of Control

Description: Chronic disease is associated with an increased risk for depression. Among patients with Parkinson’s disease, an external locus of control was associated with greater depression than was an internal locus of control.