Multimedia Resources

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Audio Links

Audio 9.1The IQ Test Wars

Description: This podcast examines the history of the birth, development, and expansion of IQ tests and their use to marginalize ethnic minorities and poor communities.

Audio 9.2Bilingual, Bicultural, and Biliterate

Description: This conversation examines one school district that encourages all students across the district to become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate.

Video Link

Video 9.1Information Processing Theory

Description: Using a digital blackboard style, this video lesson provides an introduction and overview on information processing theory.

Web Resources

Web 9.1Children with Autism: Injury Prone?

Description: This article reports archival research finding that autism spectrum disorder is associated with a greatly increased risk of injury and premature death. A brief clip of Temple Grandin describing her experience with autism is included.

Web 9.2Black Teachers Improve Lives for Black Students

Description: This news article describes research finding that Black boys’ risk of dropping out drops by nearly 40% if they have just one Black teacher for a single year. The effect of just one Black teacher for 1 year was similarly found in a neighboring state.