Multimedia Resources

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Audiosss 19.1: The Case Against Assisted Suicide

Description: This podcast balances the treatment of assisted suicide often presented in textbooks by offering several arguments AGAINST the practice.

Video Link

Video 19.1Hospice Misconceptions

Description: We all know what hospice care is--but do we really? This video describes hospice care and clears up common misconceptions surrounding the concept.

Web Resources

Web 19.1Lessons from Kubler-Ross

Description: This page outlines some misinterpretations and limitations of Kubler-Ross’s theory of grieving. The article concludes by highlighting several broad lessons the theory teaches us.

Web 19.2Helping Children Understand a Pet’s Death

Description: This page draws on children’s developing conceptions of death to describe their responses to the death of a pet. Advice is then provided for parents to help children cope with a pet’s death.