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Audio Links

Audio 7.1Private Speech

Description: Do children think before they have words? This discussion focuses on the role of private speech in Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development.

Audio 7.2The “Word Gap” Between Rich and Poor

Description: This podcast showcases efforts to help families and communities close the vocabulary gap between high- and low-SES preschoolers. The gap relates to longer term achievement lags.

Video Links

Video 7.1Physical Development in Childhood

Description: This page provides a detailed overview of physical development during childhood. The final section outlines implications for parents and professionals in childcare and education. An engaging video is included, highlighting children’s physical abilities. The video, however, is only illustrative, as the audio track is a musical instrument and little or no text is shown.

Video 7.2Preoperational Thinking: Egocentrism

Description: Using the classic mountain task, the video illustrates how a child in the preoperational stage thinks. The child in the video shows how children in the preoperational stage are egocentric.

Video 7.3A Multiple-Intelligences School

Description: The video showcases a school whose curriculum is explicitly based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Web Resource

Web 7.1Children’s Lying: A Good Sign?

Description: When children begin to tell lies, they have reached an important milestone in the development of cognition during early childhood--they have started to build a theory of mind.