Multimedia Resources

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Audio Links

Audio 4.1Play and Brain Development

Description: This podcast highlights research suggesting that free play may be critical to the formation of connections in the prefrontal cortex, the brain area most involved in executive control. The potential epigenetic effects of play on gene expression are also mentioned.

Audio 4.2Babies and Sensory Experiences

Description: This parenting podcast offers ways that parents can help infants and toddlers integrate their sensory experiences to fuel their learning and motor development.

Video Links

Video 4.1The Little Albert Experiment

Description: The video explains classical conditioning and shows classic footage of the Little Albert experiment conducted by John B. Watson.

Video 4.2Visual Habituation

Description: The video demonstrates the developmental progression of an infant’s visual habituation.

Video 4.3Motor Milestones and Cognition

Description: The video illustrates a newborn assessment and exam immediately after birth, including explanation of the nurse’s actions and a close look at newborn characteristics.

Web Resources

Web 4.1Baby Edward's Amazing Brain

Description: This article and video introduce you to Baby Edward, “a rolling demonstration of what neuroscientists call ‘synaptic exuberance.’”