Multimedia Resources

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Audio Link

Audio 17.1: Calorie Restriction

Description: This brief podcast explores the hypothesis that sharp reductions in food consumption might help people live longer.

Video Links

Video 17.1Exercise: The Fountain of Youth

Description: This video reports a CDC study showing that exercise during adulthood prevents some of the changes to telomeres associated with aging.

Video 17.2Tripping to Prevent Falls

Description: This news article includes a video clip illustrating a technique in which older adults are made to stumble and catch themselves, thereby potentially “inoculating” themselves against future, more serious falls.

Web Resources

Web 17.1: Life Expectancy

Description: The CDC website provides statistics on life expectancy by age, sex, education level, and race.

Web 17.2: Preventing Dementia with Mental Stimulation

Description: A new study is reported in which older adults with an average age of 77 who reported engaging in mentally stimulating activities at least once or twice a week were less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment 4 years later. The article notes the correlational nature of the study and that other factors such as diet and exercise may contribute to the results.