Multimedia Resources

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Audio Link

Audio 15.1: Menopause in Killer Whales

Description: This podcast takes a comparative look at menopause by investigating killer whales, one of only two nonhuman species to experience menopause. The scientists interviewed consider evolutionary explanations for menopause.

Video Links

Video 15.1How to Reverse Aging

Description: Is there a way to reverse aging? Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku discusses enzymes like telomerase and resveratrol, and what the future holds for reversing the aging process.

Video 15.2Surviving Cancer

Description: This Ted Talk by Debra Jarvis, who survived cancer, talks about the identity of a “cancer survivor” and how we learn and grow from challenging experiences.

Video 15.3College in Midlife: Worth the Risk?

Description: The segment contrasts the experiences of two women who went to college in their 40s. The college-in-midlife decision may be seen as “high risk, high reward.”

Web Resources

Web 15.1A Sharper Mind

Description: This New York Times article explores the contributions of education, knowledge, and crystallized intelligence to maintaining mental fitness in midlife and beyond.

Web 15.2Moral Development in Adolescence

Description: This website reviews moral development in plain language, focusing on the contributions of the growth of cognition and identity.