Multimedia Resources

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Audio Link

Audio 3.1: Survival of Premature Babies

Description: The audio story from All Things Considered discusses a new study showing that extremely premature babies born as early as 22 weeks can survive with aggressive treatment.

Video Links

Video 3.1: Fetal Development: Ultrasound

Description: The video shows a seldom-seen progression of fetal development using ultrasound sonography. You will see the growth in weeks of a real fetus, ending in the birth of the baby.

Video 3.2: Newborn Assessment Just After Birth

Description: The video illustrates a newborn assessment and exam immediately after birth, including explanation of the nurse’s actions and a close look at newborn characteristics.

Web Resources

Web 3.1: Principles of Teratology

Description: This brief article from Interdisciplinary Toxicology provides an overview of the history and principles of teratology.

Web 3.2Nevada Campaign Urges Marijuana Abstinence During Pregnancy

Description: The relaxation of marijuana laws means more pregnant women are using the drug. However, even moderate use of the drug may have teratogenic effects on a developing fetus--effects that persist through childhood.