Multimedia Resources

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Audio Links

Audio 5.1The Secret Language of Babies

Description: This podcast zeroes in on the very beginnings of language acquisition in infant–caregiver synchrony and babbling.

Audio 5.2The Bayley Scales

Description: This podcast highlights changes in the Bayley from Bayley-II to Bayley-III. The discussion focuses on implications of the fact that Bayley-III tends to produce higher scores overall than Bayley-II. Students might be encouraged to listen to other Nature Research podcasts available on the page.

Video Link

Video 5.1Secondary Circular Reactions

Description: This brief clip provides a concrete example of an infant demonstrating Piaget’s concept of secondary circular reactions.

Web Resources

Web 5.1Why Is Categorization Important?

Description: The blog post explains how children learn to categorize and why this is important. It also compares typically developing children to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The post also provides examples of how to teach categorization skills to children.

Web 5.2Baby Talk Boosts Baby Brains

Description: This well-researched article reviews several ways that infant-directed speech facilitates brain development and language acquisition among infants. Two very brief (30–90 s) video clips are included as illustrations.