Multimedia Resources

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Audio 14.1: Paternity Leave

Description: New fathers are less likely to take leave than are mothers. This podcast notes that some are advocating more dads to take paternity leave, and more employers to offer it.

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Video 14.1The Brain in Love

Description: In this TED Talk, American anthropologist and human behavior researcher Helen Fisher discusses her research team’s work analyzing the MRIs of people in love and people who have been dumped, and their interesting findings.

Web Resources

Web 14.1: Hookup Culture

Description: This article extends the text’s discussion of hookups by examining the ideas, rules for interaction, and organizational structures that support hookup culture. The author suggests ways that colleges and universities can change their institutional structures to help students avoid the most damaging aspects of hookup culture.

Web 14.2: Why Marry? Gays and Lesbians Have Different Answers

Description: This page reports research suggesting that gay men and lesbians marry for different reasons. Gay men marry mainly to pool resources, whereas lesbians more often marry to support the rearing of children. It is difficult for gay male partners to have children because neither individual can provide an egg and carry the baby.