Multimedia Resources

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Audio Link

Audio 10.1: Social Bullying

Description: This podcast highlights a case of teen suicide to make the point that relational aggression can be as harmful as physical aggression.

Video Links

Video 10.1Kids Need Structure

Description: In this TED Talk, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell talks about the importance of instilling a sense of community and responsibility in young children.

Video 10.2The Importance of Middle School Friendships

Description: This news clip reports a study indicating that middle school friendships are associated with positive academic and social outcomes later on.

Video 10.37 Characteristics of Resilient Children

Description: This podcast extends the text’s discussion of the influence of culture on parenting styles by examining a study of parenting styles in a sample of 400 Chinese American families in California. Despite its resonance in popular culture, “Tiger Parenting” is not the most common parenting style in this community.

Web Resource

Web 10.1School Refusal

Description: This web resource from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America discusses school refusal as a form of anxiety.