Multimedia Resources

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Audio Link

Audio 11.1: Teenage Mood Swings

Description: This podcast reports research in Nature Neuroscience showing that a specific hormone called THP amplifies feelings and magnifies anxiety among adolescents, despite having a calming effect among adults.

Video Links

Video 11.1An Animated Look at the Teenage Brain

Description: This brief video offers a refreshing, wholly animated treatment of brain development during adolescence.

Video 11.2The Teen Brain: A Work in Progress

Description: PBS’s Frontline presents an in-depth discussion of the teenage brain, focusing on the work done by Dr. Jay Giedd at the National Institute of Mental Health using magnetic resonance imaging.

Web Resources

Web 11.1Adolescent Thinking: Risk-Taking or Exploration?

Description: Contemporary psychology usually views adolescent impulsivity as a frontal lobe deficit. This article takes a different, more positive view: Drawing on evolutionary psychology, the author suggests that adult impulsivity reflects the adaptive exploration of the world.

Web 11.2Moral Development in Adolescence

Description: This website reviews moral development in plain language, focusing on the contributions of the growth of cognition and identity.