Multimedia Resources

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Audio Links

Audio 6.1Erikson’s 8 Stages

Description: Auditory learners may benefit from this podcast reviewing Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development.

Audio 6.2Temperament

Description: An overview of the nine temperament traits and their relationship to the three basic temperament types. A video of still pictures accompanies the review. The coverage is similar to that in the text, but the podcast may benefit students with auditory learning styles.

Video Resources

Video 6.1Infant Emotion

Description: This brief clip provides a concrete example of an infant demonstrating Piaget’s concept of secondary circular reactions.

Video 6.2The Strange Situation

Description: The clip reinforces the text’s discussion by showing the Strange Situation. Other viewers have asked whether it is ethical to leave a baby alone in distress--a potential debate activity?

Web Resources

Web 6.1The Terrible Twos

Description: The parenting blog post relates the familiar experience of toddlers’ “terrible twos” to Erikson’s theory and the drive for autonomy.

Web 6.2Recognizing Objects, People, and Self

Description: This web article lists milestones of recognition of objects, people, and self, beginning in the second month of life. Also provides suggestions for parents on how to help their babies achieve self-recognition.