Case Studies

Jackie was a very bright young woman. During high school and college, she excelled at computer science and exhibited a love and flair for fashion. The summer that she contemplated returning to graduate school, Jackie’s parents noticed she was exhibiting some bizarre behaviors. She claimed to hear voices and see things that were not there. In addition, Jackie’s hygiene became less important to her and she obsessed about colors and Princess Diana.

After a complete biopsychosocial assessment with the family’s doctor and a recommended local mental health specialist, Jackie was deemed to have a mental challenge that was labeled as both a disability and schizophrenia. Soon thereafter, to occupy her days, Jackie became active in NAMI and was on NAMI’s Speaker’s Bureau. Jackie also enjoyed making crafts for her nieces and nephew. She also capably managed the Cheer Fund at her family’s local church.

  1. What type of support might social workers need to provide to Jackie, her parents, and her siblings?
  2. Besides volunteering for NAMI, what else might Jackie do with her time?
  3. Where can Jackie and her family find more information about mental health disorders and their treatment?
  4. If Jackie’s condition worsens, what might be an appropriate response from her family? From her clinical social worker?