Discussion Questions

Prepare for class discussions by answering the discussion questions.

1. Your text mentions the importance of recognizing the dignity and worth of each person when you’re working with clients. This may seem like an obvious value, but it can be difficult to uphold under certain circumstances. Are there certain clients who would be difficult for you to view with dignity and respect, to see as worthwhile? What would happen if you found yourself working with such a client?

2. Some people pursue a career in social work because they received help from a social worker while dealing with some of their own personal struggles. What are the good and bad sides of having had that experience? If a client asks a social worker, “Have you ever personally dealt with a problem like this in your own life?” what is the best way to respond?

3. If you were in a position to serve on a hiring committee for a new coworker at a social work agency, and you had two equally likable and intelligent candidates--one who had earned his/her degree at a local university and one whose program was entirely completed online--would their differing education influence which one you hired? Why or why not?

4. Should faith-based social service organizations be allowed to suggest religious ideas to clients who do not share the faith that the organization is based upon? Should they be able to suggest to atheists or nonbelievers that the lack of a relationship with God may be part of the reason for their struggles? Why or why not?