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Article 1:
Lundy, C., & van Wormer, K. (2007). Social and economic justice, human rights and peace: The challenge for social work in Canada and the USA. International Social Work, 50, 727–739.

Social work in Canada and the USA shares a common heritage in the commitment to advancing social and economic justice. Today the capitalist global market and increasing militarization affect social work in both nations. This paper discusses these challenges and presents a vision for social work as a human rights profession.

Article 2:
McNutt, J. (2011). Is social work advocacy worth the cost? Issues and barriers to an economic analysis of social work political practice. Research on Social Work Practice, 21, 397–403.

Advocacy is central to the social work profession’s commitment to social betterment and justice, yet much of what we know about it is based on conventional wisdom. We have little evidence on the effectiveness of interventions and even less on the costs and benefits of advocacy campaigns. This article discusses some of the conceptual and methodological issues involved with advocacy research and provides some direction for combining research on the effectiveness of advocacy with research on its cost utility.