Discussion Questions

Prepare for class discussions by answering the discussion questions.

1. The United States has a reputation in some parts of the world for thinking they know how every society should be, and trying to impose those beliefs upon others. Do you think this reputation is accurate? Is there anything the United States can do to change it? Where does social work come into the equation?

2. Social workers, being bound by confidentiality, should not report a client who may be an undocumented immigrant. How do you feel about this? Do you feel undocumented immigrants should have the ability to send their children to U.S. public schools or get treatment in hospital emergency rooms without facing deportation?

3. Other than missing loved ones back home, what do you think would be the most challenging aspect of taking on an international social work job that required you to spend long stretches of time in other countries? Perhaps not having instant connectivity? Building relationships with people from different cultures? Something else?

4. With all the serious problems in America, why is it important or even necessary for social workers in our country to have an international focus? How can working on issues abroad still make a difference for people in America? Does it matter?