Case Studies

George was trained as an x-ray technician at a local community college. However, due to cutbacks at the county hospital where he worked, George lost his job, and after a few months, his ability to pay the rent on his apartment. With limited family support and friends that could offer little financial assistance, George found himself homeless, although he did have an older model car that needed some repairs but operated. George submitted applications for employment at various health-care programs and facilities. He remained optimistic that a position in his field would eventually open. In the meantime, he borrowed the couches of friends on a night-to-night basis and tried his best to maintain a positive outlook.           

  1. How does George’s financial situation reflect the chapter’s content on poverty? As a social worker, what support would you offer George? Why do you think George remains optimistic in the face of financial insecurity?
  2. What would happen if George didn’t have people willing to put him up for a few nights or weeks at a time? Even given that situation, what problems can be caused by George not having a permanent address?