Discussion Questions

Prepare for class discussions by answering the discussion questions.

1. Given that many people in poverty are working, why do you think there is still such a common perception that people who use welfare benefits are lazy people mooching off of the government?

2. People sometimes express anger or irritation that some people receiving welfare benefits may own a nice car, a tablet, or an iPhone, or people using SNAP to purchase groceries are buying cupcakes or crab legs. Is the anger of these people justified? Why or why not? Can you identify reasonable possibilities why the individuals on welfare may have some of these “nice things?”

3. Do you think there should be time limits on how long people can receive welfare benefits? Why or why not? Would you restrict any specific programs but perhaps leave others fully intact?

4. Is it necessary for you to have experienced poverty yourself in order to fully empathize with your poor clients? If you have come from a comfortable lifestyle, will your clients be able to pick up on that? Will it impact your ability to connect with them?