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Article 1:
Kaplan, D. B., & Berkman, B. (2011). Dementia care: A global concern and social work challenge. International Social Work, 54, 361–373.

The implications of global aging for professionals in the fields of health and aging cannot be ignored, particularly for those who confront disorders of dementia. This article reviews the care needs of individuals with dementia and their family members, and examines the state of readiness of the social work profession for responding to the needs of these individuals. The authors assess professional social work roles and the size and scope of the supportive evidence base for social work practices in dementia care, and suggest several important areas for research attention.

Article 2:
Pardasani, M., & Thompson, P. (2012). Senior centers: Innovative and emerging models. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 31, 52–77.

Nationally, 11,000 senior centers play a vital role in supporting community-dwelling older adults by offering a diverse array of recreational, nutritional, health, and social service programs. The purpose of this study was to identify innovative models of senior centers nationwide and evaluate their impact on the communities they serve. Applying a multiple-case study approach to a national survey sample, six innovative models were identified by members of the New Models Taskforce (NMTF), a project sponsored by the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC). The NMTF hoped to document the innovative efforts of senior centers to reimagine and reposition themselves within the aging services field. This article will highlight the defining characteristics of each model and discuss their implications for the field. The potential impact of each model on the senior center field will be illustrated.