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Select SAGE journal articles are available to give you more insight into chapter topics. These are also an ideal resource to help support your literature reviews, dissertations and assignments.

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An interesting paper by Robert Chia and Brad McKay (2007) updates the emergence approach by connecting it to the strategy as practice perspective.

Reference: Robert Chia and Brad McKay (2007) ‘Post-processual challenges for the emerging strategy-as-practice perspective: Discovering strategy in the logic of practice’, Human Relations, Volume 60(1): 217–242

Andrea Whittle, one of the authors of this book, together with Frank Mueller and Anita Magnan, discusses the role of stories in the temporal development of images of the self at work, in which they draw on an in-depth case study of technological change in a UK public-private partnership. They look at how stories position ‘characters’ in organizations, especially in stressful times of change.

Reference: Andrea Whittle, Frank Mueller and Anita Magnan, ‘In Search of Subtlety: Discursive Devices and Rhetoric Competence’, Management Communication Quarterly (2008), 22: 1, 99-122

Ezzamel and Willmott seek to demonstrate that analysis needs to do more than merely contrast opposites assumed to really characterize strategy. Instead, one should look at how these opposing positions are made up.

Reference: Mahmoud Ezzamel and Hugh Willmott (2008) ‘Strategy as Discourse in a Global Retailer: A Supplement to Rationalist and interpretive Accounts’, Organization Studies 29(2): 191-217