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Video Resources

Video 1: Nature or Nurture? Twin Studies Provide Answers

Description: This news clip is about twin studies and addresses the nature versus nurture debate on behavior.

Video 2: The Flight-or-Fight Response

Description: This short video clip introduces the flight-or-fight response.

Video 3: The Surprising Connection Between Brain Injuries and Crime

Description: Neuropsychologist Kim Gorgens shares her research into the connection between brain trauma and the behaviors that keep people in the revolving door of criminal justice -- and some ways to make the system more effective and safer for everyone.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: Marine Corps Veteran Faces Deportation, Says His Crimes Are Linked to PTSD

Description: In California, U.S. Marine Corps veteran is awaiting deportation to El Salvador. He says the crimes he committed were linked to PTSD from combat in Iraq.

Audio 2: Author Podcast: Applying Theories

Description: The author provides a brief overview of the chapter.

Web Resource

Web 1: Understanding the Mind of a Criminal: Is it Nature or Nurture?

Description: This article discusses the nature versus nurture debate.