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Video Resources

Video 1: What I Learned Serving Time for a Crime I Didn’t Commit?

Description: In 2011, Teresa Njoroge was convicted of a financial crime she didn't commit—the result of a long string of false accusations, increasing bribe attempts and the corrupt justice system in her home in Kenya.

Video 2: The Laws That Sex Workers Really Want

Description: Activist Juno Mac explains four legal models that are being used around the world and shows us the model that she believes will work best to keep sex workers safe and offer greater self-determination.

Video 3: How I Work to Protect Women From Honor Killings?

Description: In this powerful, honest talk, Brohi shares how she took a hard look at her own process and offers sharp insights for other passionate activists.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: As Opioids Fuel Growing Female Prison Population, Ohio Tries Alternative Treatment

Description: Ohio's growing female prison population can be tied to drugs and addiction. Officials want to stop the cycle. One program helps women get at the root of their problems to help them change.

Audio 2: Author Podcast: Feminist Perspective

Description: The author asks the question: “what is feminism?” and then discusses an article regarding perspectives on feminism. She also lists a few of the myths regarding feminism.

Web Resource

Web 1: The Unslut Project

Description: Website for the Unslut Project, a website that promotes gender equality, sex positivity, and comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education for all ages.