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Video 1: The Real Story of McMafia—How Global Crime Networks Work?

Description: Journalist Misha Glenny spent several years in a courageous investigation of organized crime networks, which have grown to an estimated 15% of the global economy. From the Russian mafia to the giant drug cartels, his sources include not just intelligence and law enforcement officials but criminal insiders.

Video 2: How Revenge Porn Turns Lives Upside Down?

Description: Journalist and activist Darieth Chisolm describes how she's working to help victims and outlines the current state of legislation aimed at punishing perpetrators.

Video 3: Where Is Cybercrime Really Coming From?

Description: Security expert Caleb Barlow calls out the insufficiency of our current strategies to protect our data.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: 19 Mafia Suspects Arrested, Including Some From the Gambino Family

Description: Police in the U.S. and Italy recently arrested a number of Mafiosi. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro asks author John Dickie about a trans-Atlantic criminal connection.

Audio 2: Author Podcast: White-Collar Criminals

Description: The author provides a couple of examples of white-collar crimes.

Web Resource

Web 1: Organized Crime

Description: The FBI website provides an overview of organized crime.