Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video 1: California to Investigate Illegal Sterilization of Female Inmates

Description: An investigation of the California prison system revealed troubling numbers of female inmates who had been sterilized without their consent, in addition to many other breaches of protocol.

Video 2: The Eugenics Crusade

Description: This video is a short preview of the Eugenics Crusade.

Video 3: Cesare Lombroso, Left-Handedness, and the Criminal Mind

Description: Emory University's Nat C. Robertson Distinguished Professor Howard Kushner tells the story of late-19th/early 20th century Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso and his efforts to study the relationship between left-handedness and criminal behavior.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: Author Podcast: Applying Theories

Description: The author provides a brief overview of the chapter.

Audio 2: Is There A Criminal Brain? And Can It Be Modified?

Description: Dr. Adrian Raine is a professor in the Departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania discusses his research on brain imaging.

Web Resource

Web 1: The Eugenics Movement

Description: The author seeks to interrogate the implications of past practices.