Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video 1: Flint’s Deadly Water

Description: Five years after the start of Flint’s water crisis, FRONTLINE exposes its hidden toll.

Video 2: The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice

Description: Daniel Reisel studies the brains of criminal psychopaths (and mice). And he asks a big question: Instead of warehousing these criminals, shouldn't we be using what we know about the brain to help them rehabilitate?

Video 3: Wrongful Convictions

Description: Rob Warden examines the phenomena of false confessions and how they can be attributed to half of all murder cases.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: “Tide Starts to Turn Against the ‘Crime’ of Being Homeless”

Description: Some local laws make it illegal to sleep or eat outside. Advocates have fought these laws in court. Now, the federal government is taking a stance, pushing ways to help, not criminalize, the homeless.

Audio 2: Author Podcast: Behavior and Society

Description: The author discusses an article on offender stereotyping and shoplifting and the racial profiling debate.

Web Resource

Web 1: Restorative Justice

Description: Official website for the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation