Learning Check Answers

Learning Check 16.1

1. In this society, __________ is often the drug of choice.

Answer: alcohol

2. Two types of __________ have received a great deal of media attention and have been dubbed “date-rape drugs,” or predatory drugs.

Answer: tranquillizers

3. The color of __________ ranges from white to black.

Answer: heroin

4. Prescriptions for __________ have practically doubled every year since its release in 1996.

Answer: OxyContin

5. __________ refers to when cocaine is used in combination with an opiate such as heroin.

Answer: Speedballing

6. The most common form of amphetamine today is __________.

Answer: methamphetamine

7. Street names for __________ include “Mary Jane,” “pot,” “reefer,” and “weed.”

Answer: marijuana

Learning Check 16.2

1. In 1898, the Bayer Company developed __________, an opium derivative that was 10 times more powerful than morphine.

Answer: heroin

2. The __________ Amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors in the United States.

Answer: Eighteenth

3. Some have argued that were it not for the zeal of __________, the commissioner of the new Federal Bureau of Narcotics, marijuana might be legal in the United States today.

Answer: Harry Anslinger

4. Some researchers have noted that after years of research, medical experts have not identified a distinctive condition, syndrome, or disorder among babies born of drug-abusing mothers that merits the label __________.

Answer: crack baby

5. New Zealand and __________ are the only countries that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise their products directly to consumers.

Answer: United States

Learning Check 16.3

1. The __________ suggests that drugs and violence are related through psychopharmacological, economically compulsive, and systematic violence.

Answer: Tripartite Conceptual Framework

2. __________ strategies refer to multistep efforts or events that focus on interrupting illicit drug traffic.

Answer: Interdiction

3. The four techniques associated with __________ include mechanical destruction, bunting, chemical, and biological.

Answer: eradication

4. Due to the growing number of offenders with substance-abuse problems clogging up the criminal justice system, __________ courts were established.

Answer: drug

5. The __________ policy attempts to incorporate a public health approach to lessen the risks and harms associated with illegal drug use.

Answer: harm reduction