Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video 1: Addiction is a disease: We should treat it like one.

Description: A former Director of National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli is working to end this epidemic and treat people with addictions with kindness, compassion and fairness.

Video 2: The harm reduction model of drug addiction treatment

Description: Tyndall shares community-based research that shows how harm-reduction strategies, like safe-injection sites, are working to address the drug overdose crisis.

Video 3: Why we need to end the War on Drugs

Description: Drug policy reformist Ethan Nadelmann makes an impassioned plea to end the "backward, heartless, disastrous" movement to stamp out the drug trade.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: What are the implications of seeking tougher sentences for drug crimes?

Description: NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Marc Mauer of the Sentencing Project and Marc Levin of Right on Crime about the possible impacts of seeking the strongest possible charges for drug crimes.

Audio 2: Author Podcast: Drugs and Society

Description: The author discusses the illegal and legal use of alcohol in society, focusing on advertising and youth. She also provides a list of facts pertaining to alcohol advertising.

Web Resource

Web 1: Drugs and Crime

Description: The Bureau of Justice Statistics website on drugs and crime.