Learning Check Answers

Learning Check 11.1

1. According to Tannenbaum, the social reaction to illegal behavior is designated as the __________.

Answer: dramatization of evil

2. A person engaging in __________ behavior perceives the behavior as bad; this individual, however, does not perceive himself or herself as a bad person.

Answer: primary

3. Becker maintained that the __________ is when an individual has been identified as disobeying the rules but did not violate the rules.

Answer: falsely accused

4. When an individual is given a new personal identity, the most dramatic way of initiating this process is through a public __________, such as a criminal trial.

Answer: status-degradation ceremony

Learning Check 11.2

1. Group conflict theory does not explain more individual types of behavior, such as __________.

Answer: rape or robbery

2. According to Turk, social order is maintained not through consensus but, rather, through a _________ balance.

Answer: consensus-coercion

3. Unlike Quinney, Turk argued that the political use of a theory is irrelevant when assessing the validity of that theory; this has been designated as the __________ conflict perspective.

Answer: nonpartisan

Learning Check 11.3

1. According to Marx, the __________ owned the means of production; the __________ work for those who owned the means of production.

Answer: bourgeoisie; proletariat

2. __________ and ___________ maintained that law enforcement agencies are connected to the powerful and wealthy political structure.

Answer: Chambliss; Seidman

3. Colvin and Pauly contended that working-class parents in an unstable workplace environment experience more __________ controls.

Answer: coercive