Learning Check Answers

Learning Check 9.1

1. In Shaw and McKay’s theoretical model, which zone was predicted to have the most crime and delinquency, largely due to other social problems there?

a. central business district

b. zone in transition

c. zone VI

d. zone V

Answer: B

2. Which unit of analysis does Shaw and McKay’s theory focus on?

a. macro level

b. micro level

c. situational level

Answer: A

Learning Check 9.2

1. Which theorist proposed the theory of lower-class focal concerns?

a. Burgess

b. Shaw

c. Anderson

d. Miller

Answer: D

2. Which theorist wrote a significant book on inner-city, African American subculture titled The Code of the Streets?

a. Burgess

b. Park

c. Anderson

d. Miller

Answer: C