Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video 1: What I Learned as a Kid in Jail?

Description: Nazario tells his chilling story of being a prisoner at Riker’s and suggests ways to help, rather than harm, teens in jail.

Video 2: Am I Not Human: A Call for Criminal Justice Reform

Description: In this brave talk, Marion Peterson reminds us why we should invest in the humanity of those people society would like to disregard and discard.

Video 3: Why Teens Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit?

Description: Developmental psychology professor and researcher Lindsay Malloy breaks down the science underlying false confessions and calls for change in the way kids are treated by a legal system designed for adults.

Audio Resources

Audio 1: “Preschool Suspensions Really Happen and That’s Not Ok With Connecticut”

Description: Connecticut has built a safety net that will send a child-behavior expert to any daycare or pre-K in the state that’s having trouble with a disruptive child.

Audio 2: Author Podcast: Terrie Moffitt

Description: The author provides a brief history of the life and academic achievements of Terrie Moffitt and her research.

Web Resource

Web 1: When Crime Is a Family Affair?

Description: Kids have a habit of imitating their parents’ criminal behavior. It’s no wonder, then, that by one measure, 10 percent of families account for two-thirds of criminals.