Video and Multimedia

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Video Resources

Video 1. Operational Definition
Description: This YouTube video uses animation to explain operational definitions by defining happiness.

Video 2. Scales of Measurement: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio Scale
Description: This YouTube video uses examples to illustrate what variables are and the four scales of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio).

Video 3. Reliability Versus Validity
Description: This video uses a bathroom scale and weight to describe reliability and validity.

Audio Resource

Audio 1. The Hawthorne Effect
Description: BBC Radio audio link examining the origins of the psychological effect known as participant reactivity, more commonly known as the Hawthorne effect, based on the factory productivity experiments conducted in the 1920s.

Web Resource

Web 1. Measurement: Reliability and Validity Measures
Description: This excellent slide show from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health gives an overview of important terms such as levels of measurement, reliability and validity of measurement, and how to evaluate reliability and validity.