Video and Multimedia

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Video Resources

Video 1. Introduction to Program Evaluation
Description: This brief video gives an overview of program evaluation with definitions, comparison to regular research methods, evaluation, and logic models.

Video 2. TEC Program evaluation and curriculum talk
Description: YouTube video of a conference talk on program evaluation and curriculum development presented by Richard Kiely.

Video 3. Research and Program Evaluation
Description: This video is an interview that talks about the differences between research and program evaluation and examples in educational settings.

Video 4. Ethics in Program Evaluation
Description: YouTube lecture on ethics in program evaluation covering stakeholders and participants.

Web Resource

Web 1. Synthesizing Educational Program Evaluations
Description: Article by Slavin (2016), discussing issues in the conduct of program evaluation syntheses, research design, effect sizes, and strength of evidence supporting programs using the What Works Clearinghouse standards.