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Journal Article 1: Flessner, R., & Stuckey, S. (2013). Politics and action research: An examination of one school’s mandated action research programAction Research12, 36–51.

Abstract: Action research has been shown to empower educators, create lasting changes in schools, and have an impact on student learning outcomes. Given these positive results, many school leaders are beginning to mandate the use of action research within their schools. While some in the field have warned against mandating action research, there is little research examining the effects of doing so. This study examines the mandated school-wide action research program at Fieldstone Elementary. While some results align with the action research literature (importance of collaboration, necessity of time to conduct action research, etc.), this article also examines the political tensions surrounding these ideas. Implications for those interested in mandating action research programs are provided.

Journal Article 2: Burns, D. (2013). Systemic action research: Changing system dynamics to support sustainable change. Action Research12, 3–18.

Abstract: This article explores the characteristics of systemic action research. It looks at the conceptual underpinnings of systemic action research and explores some of the ways in which it differs from (builds on) other forms of action research. It then explores some of the issues and dilemmas faced by systemic action researchers.