Video and Multimedia

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Video Resources

Video 1. Descriptive Research: Naturalistic Observation
Description: YouTube video describing naturalistic observations and the advantages and disadvantages.

Video 2. Intro to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
Description: Using an illustration, this YouTube video provides an overview of literature reviews and meta-analyses.

Video 3. Genie Wiley--An Overview
Description: YouTube video providing an overview of Genie Wiley, a child suffering from extreme neglect, and the linguistic and developmental treatments needed. Examples of extreme ethical issues and naturalistic observations.

Video 4. Observer Bias: Clever Horses and Dull Rats
Description: YouTube video giving examples of observer bias with the case of Clever Hans and Rosenthal and Fode’s experiment with rats.

Web Resource

Web 1. Communities in Schools
Description: Website for communities in schools with access to educational data and past publications.