Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Research Findings of the “1958 British Birth Cohort” 
Description: This YouTube video discusses the research findings of the “1958 British Birth Cohort”, a longitudinal study comprised of long-range social and medical surveys of 17,000 British participants spanning 55 years to date.

Quasi-Experimental Designs 
Description: This brief video answers the questions “What is quasi-experimental design?” and “How is it different from experimental design?”

Cross-Sectional vs. Longitudinal Research Designs 
Description: This quick video gives an overview of the main differences between cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs, when to use each approach, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Audio Links

Podcast 2: Quasi-Experimental 
Description: This podcast discusses of quasi-experimental designs including cross-sectional designs, longitudinal designs, interrupted time series designs and nonequivalent groups designs. Includes discussion of examples. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Study: Stereotypes Drive Perceptions of Race 
Description: This NPR audio describes the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) and the problem with tracking race over time as it affects how we think about race.

Deborah Carr on Longitudinal Studies 
Description: Researcher Deborah Carr discusses the life course perspective and longitudinal studies, with particular emphasis on her work with the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, to discuss issues of measurement, sampling, and study design.

Web Resources

Ethical Research Involving Children
Description: This organization aims to assist researchers understand, plan, and conduct ethical research involving children in any geographical, social, cultural, or methodological context. It gives many opportunities on the website to learn more about protecting children in research.