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Internal Reliability Analysis

Cronbach's Alpha Part I

Cronbach's Alpha Part II
Description: This two-part YouTube video conducts and interprets an internal consistency reliability analysis through Cronbach's alpha, the corrected item-total correlations, and the inter-item correlation matrix. Guidelines for identifying adequate levels of reliability are also provided.

Identifying Misleading Graphs 
Description: This YouTube video presents misleading graphs in statistics, providing straightforward examples and corrected versions of the graphs.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Interquartile Range 
Description: This YouTube video describes how to calculate the mean, median, mode, range, and interquartile range from a frequency table.

Audio Links

Podcast 12: Academic Dishonesty 
Description: In this special edition of Give Methods a Chance, we talk with Chris Uggen to get context and insight to a recent retraction of a political science article. 

Podcast 38: Pseudoscience 
Description: This podcast discusses distinguishing science from pseudoscience. It includes the four ways in which pseudoscience associates itself with true science: using scientific sounding terms, devices, math, and origins in true science. It uses phrenology as an example. It discusses misusing rules of evidence by pseudoscience by relying on potentially biased evidence. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Descriptive Statistics and Central Tendency 
Description: Measures of central tendency including mode, median, and mean. Discussion includes strengths and weaknesses of each measure. Also discussed is how the mean is influenced by extreme scores leading to skewed distributions and how to distinguish between positively and negatively skewed distributions.

Web Resources

Release of Test Data and APA's New Ethics Code 
Description: This American Psychological Association article describes the ethics of psychologists releasing test data.

Measures of Central Tendency 
Description: This website describes the measures of central tendency and provides examples of each.

Psychological Statistics 
Description: This websites from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point gives an overview of graphing techniques in psychological sciences, examples, and practice problems.