Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

7 Tips for Good Survey Questions
Description: This YouTube video gives tips on how to craft clear and useful survey questions.

Correlation vs. Causation
Description: This YouTube clip gives a humorous example of the differences between correlation and causation.

Linear Regression and Correlation 
Description: In this YouTube video, linear regression and correlation are described using an example.

The Danger of Mixing Up Causality and Correlation 
Description: This brief TED Talk explains causation, correlation, and data while walking the audience through an interesting example.

Audio Links 

Web Surveys for the General Population: How, Why, and When? 
Description: Gerry Nicolaas from the National Centre for Social Research describe the increase in social surveys conducted in research, how to maintain population representativeness, and how to preserve data quality when conducting this type of research.

To Probe or Not to Probe 
Description: Jouni Kuha discusses his investigation to see whether asking interviewers to probe respondents further affects quantity and quality of answers when they respond with “Don’t Know” provide no response in research surveys.

What Causes What?
Description: This NPR link discusses correlation and causation

Web Resources

A Guide to Online Research 
Description: This Cornell University’s Digital Literacy Resource provides a guide to online research.

Psychological Research on the Net 
Description: This Hanover College website contains a compiled list of experiments on the internet that are psychologically related.