Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

A New Way to Explain Explanation
Description: YouTube video of a TED Talk presentation explaining in a narrative style the importance of the scientific method in explaining surrounding phenomena.

Is Psychology a Science? 
Description: YouTube video discusses if psychology is a science by describing the history of psychology experiments, how psychology as a science has evolved over time, and why psychology today is considered a science.

Audio Links

Why Ignorance Trumps Knowledge in Scientific Pursuit
Description: NPR audio discusses why the hit-or-miss process, the “not knowing,” is the true engine of science.

Wi-Fi and Cell Phones: Should You Really Be Worried? 
Description: Audio from a conference presentation that refutes the pseudoscience that Wi-Fi and cell phones are hazardous to our health.

Web Resources

Legitimate Psychological Science 
Description: This APA article describes what is good science in psychology.

The Science of Psychology and Its Research Methods
Description: This PDF from Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne provides definitions of the scientific method, pseudoscience, methodological approaches in psychology’s history, and psychology’s roots in philosophy and science.

What Is Pseudoscience? 
Description: This Scientific American article discusses why distinguishing between science and pseudoscience is problematic.