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Welcome to the SAGE edge site Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, Third Edition by Gregory J. Privitera. SAGE edge offers a robust online environment you can access anytime, anywhere, and features an impressive array of free tools and resources to keep you on the cutting edge of your learning experience.

  • A problem-focused organization of five main sections that each build upon the last give students a full picture of the scientific process.
  • Ethics in Focus sections integrated throughout review important ethical issues related to the topics in each chapter.
  • Coverage of three broad categories of research design (nonexperimental, quasi-experimental, and experimental) focuses on understanding how, when, and why research designs are used, and the types of questions each design can and cannot answer.
  • A guide at the front of the book, How to Use SPSS With This Book, provides students with an easy-to-follow, classroom-tested overview of how SPSS is set up, how to read the Data View and Variable View screens, and how to use the SPSS in Focus sections in the book.
  • SPSS in Focus sections provide step-by-step instruction using practical research examples for how the data measured using various research designs taught in each chapter can be analyzed using SPSS.
  • Learning Objectives organize student learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter and are answered in chapter-concluding summaries.
  • Learning Checks with answer keys allow students to review what they learn as they learn it and actually confirm their understanding.
  • Making Sense sections break down the most difficult concepts to ease student stress and make research methods more approachable.
  • APA appendices support learning of APA style with a guide to grammar, punctuation, and spelling; a full sample APA-style manuscript from a study published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal; instructions for creating posters using PowerPoint®, and more.