Web Exercises

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Web Exercises

1. Want to Learn About the Scientific Method? Go Bake Some Cookies

This NPR article discusses how a blogger at ScienceNews uses the scientific method when baking cookies.

  • How does this this blogger at ScienceNews use the scientific method? Identify how she engages in the six general steps of the scientific method.
  • How would you change or expand on her work to be more consistent with the scientific method?

2. #BornPerfect: The Facts About Conversion Therapy

This video clip and article describes the conversion therapy method.

Watch the video clip and then read the article.

  • Why is conversion therapy a pseudoscience?
  • What scientific and nonscientific methods of knowing were used to support and refute conversion therapy?

3. Go to a social media website and find a “problem” that today’s society faces (e.g., body image, cyberbullying, cost of college tuition). Construct a plan for engaging in the scientific method to acquire, modify, and integrate knowledge about the “problem” you found.