Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

What Is a Literature Review? 
Description: This brief video gives an overview of how to conduct a literature review by providing a specific example.

PsycARTICLES Database 
Description: This video provides walks through the steps of searching for articles in PsycARTICLES using an example.

Inductive and Deductive Reasoning 
Description: Explanations of inductive and deductive reasoning are provided. Several examples of each type of reasoning are discussed.

Audio Links

What Can a Personality Test Tell Us About Who We Are?
Description: This NPR audio discusses the sue of standardized tests to evaluate personality and the issues of validity and reliability of these scales.

Web Resources

Science at Multiple Levels 
Description: Website by the University of California-Berkeley that provides insight into the differences between hypothesis and theory and the importance of using the correct terminology

Literature Reviews 
Description: Adelphi University’s interactive website providing modules on how to conduct a literature review in the behavioral sciences

Conducting Research 
Description: The Purdue Online Writing Lab provides resources to help conduct research.