Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Factorial Design: Interpreting Tables and Graphs 
Description: This YouTube video explains graphical and tabular interpretations for factorial design experiments.

Factorial Research Design—An Example
Description: This YouTube video provides a fun example of a factorial design and how to set up a factorial design.

Interaction and Main Effects 
Description: This YouTube video provides interpretation of main effects and interaction effects in an example using graphical representations of data. 

Audio Links

Podcast 7: Factorial Designs 
Description: This podcast explains factorial designs, terminology, main effects, and interactions. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Lecture on Factorial Design 
Description: The lecture describes how to identify factorial designs and describes the simplest 2 x 2 design.

Web Resources

Factorial Design 
Description: This Penn State University website provides clarity on the format, terminology, and analysis of a factorial design experiment.

Two-Way ANOVA and Interactions 
Description: This website from Missouri State provides an overview of conducting a two-way ANOVA in SPSS and how to interpret the output using an example.

Participant Fatigue 
Description: This psueef website discusses a brief description of participant fatigue from a participant’s point of view.