Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

One Way ANOVA—SPSS Part 1

One Way ANOVA—SPSS Part 2

One Way ANOVA—SPSS Part 3 
Description: This three-part series demonstrates how to perform a One-Way Between-Subjects ANOVA in SPSS and interpret the results.

Independent Samples Test 
Description: This video describes Independent Samples Test using an example.

Audio Links

Online Surveys as Self-Report 
Description: In this podcast, a researcher discusses web-based surveys for public opinion polling and experiments and the advantages of this type of self-report measure.

Podcast 12: Control 
Description: This is a discussion of issues of control, comparison, and manipulation in experimental design. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Podcast 1: Controlling Participant Variables
Description: This podcase describes conditions under which participant characteristics can affect a study and how to control it through random assignment to condition in a between-subjects design. This includes a PowerPoint but can be listened to just as an audio link. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Web Resources

Self-Report Measures
Description: The University of Miami Psychology Department website offers a variety of downloadable interdisciplinary self-report measures for teaching or independent research.

Types of Self-Report Measures 
Description: This website gives an overview of the different types of self-report measures used in research.

A Closer Look at Designs 
Description: This gives an overview of between-subjects and within-subjects designs and describes the differences between the two.