Web Exercises

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Web Exercises

1. Imagine that you are interested in figuring out how adults in the United States get their news.

  • Begin to search online to get a sense of the various ways adults in the United States get their news.
  • From the top 10 websites, create a list of the ways the different links describe how adults get their news.
  • Who is your target population?
  • Who is your accessible population?
  • How would you select your sample?

2. Go to http://psychcentral.com/blog/.

  • Explore at least three short blog posts about psychology that interest you.
  • Select one blog topic that you read:
    • Imagine you are interested in conducting a study examining the topic discussed in the blog.
    • How would you go about reducing sampling bias in your study?
    • How would you go about reducing nonresponse bias in your study?

3. Go to https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/gradhacker/successfully-recruiting-research-participants.

Read the article “Successfully Recruiting Research Participants.”

  • In the examples provided, what sampling and nonresponse biases did you identify?
  • In addition to ensuring that college student research participants are recruited ethically, what additional challenges are posed for researchers when working with college students?