Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

1936 Election: Biased Sampling Procedure 
Description: This YouTube video illustrates the sampling bias, despite a large sample size, involved in the historical election poll of 1936.

T Test 
Description: This YouTube video that defines the test within inferential statistics and explains through research examples its use and interpretation.

Sampling: Simple Random, Convenience, Systematic, Cluster, Stratified 
Description: This YouTube video describes simple random, convenience, systematic, cluster, and stratified sampling and provides a visual illustration of each.

Audio Links

The Science of Political Polling
Description: This NPR audio discusses the science of polling and how we measure public opinion of a population based on data collected form samples. 

Web Resources

Populations and Sampling 
Description: This website provides overview of populations, samples, and sampling techniques.

Participant Pool 
Description: This website from James Madison University’s Department of Psychology gives an example of how undergraduate students sign up to be part of a participant pool.