Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Test for Related Samples 
Description: This YouTube video describes the formula for a test with related samples (repeated measures) by using an example. 

One Way Within Subjects (repeated measures) ANOVA 
Description: This YouTube video describes a one way within subjects ANOVA and uses example data in SPSS to illustrate how to conduct the analysis and interpret the output.

Solomon Four Group Design 
Description: A cartoon example is used in this YouTube video to illustrate the four groups utilized in the Solomon Four Group Design.

Audio Links

Podcast 11: Between and Within Design 
Description: This podcast is a discussion of control subject variables through random assignment to condition and by using within-subjects design. Also discusses carryover effects, practice effects, and fatigue effects. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Podcast 5: Experimental Designs
Description: This podcast discusses posttest-only control group design, pretest/posttest control group design, Solomon Four Group design, multilevel or one-way design. Note that you must have access to iTunes for this podcast to play.

Web Resources

Description: This University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill website explains the use, integration, and results interpretation of counterbalancing to offset carryover effect in within-subjects experimental designs.

Solomon Four Group Design 
Description: This website explains the uses, strengths, and drawbacks of the Solomon Four Group Design.

Threats to Internal Validity of Research 
Description: This website gives a brief and easy to read overview of the various threats to validity.