Web Exercises

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Web Exercises

1. Imagine that you are interested in learning about children and adults’ perceptions of safety in the United States.

  • Search online to get a sense of how perceptions of safety are measured, if perceptions of safety have changed over time, and what triggers changes in perceptions of safety.
  • Create a research question.
  • Describe how you would conduct a between-subjects experimental design.
  • In addition to describing the study and how you would go about conducting it, describe any ethical issues you would have to consider.

2. Go to Baba Shiv: Sometimes It’s Good to Give Up the Driver’s Seat.

  • Watch the “Baba Shiv: Sometimes it’s Good to Give Up the Driver’s Seat” TED Talk.
  • Why is this research study considered between-subjects design?
  • What are the independent variables?
  • What are the dependent variables?
  • What type of statistical analyses could be conducted to determine significance?

3. Go to Ben Ambridge: 10 Myths about Psychology, Debunked.

  • Watch the “Ben Ambridge: 10 Myths about Psychology, Debunked” TED Talk.
  • What research studies are considered between-subjects design?
  • Why?
  • Describe the experimental and control groups that were mentioned.
  • Describe if each of the studies mentioned were experimental or quasi-experimental.