Web Exercises

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Web Exercises

1. Go to https://www.socialpsychology.org/expts.htm#pinterpersonal

This website contains links to 371 web-based experiments, surveys, and other social psychology studies.

  • Browse the titles of the various online surveys that are being used for research.
  • Select one or two topics that are of interest to you.
  • Read through the consent form and complete one of the online surveys.
  • Review 8.3 Rules for Writing Survey Items in your textbook.
  • Does the researcher follow each of the rules?
  • How could questions be revised to meet each of the rules?

2. Imagine you are interested in conducting a survey to investigate the relationship between adolescents’ social media use and perceptions of body image.

  • Conduct a brief online search of research in this area.
  • Conduct brief naturalistic observations of social media posts.
  • Construct a 15 to 20 question survey and rating scale points.
  • Why did you create the questions you did?
  • What was challenging about this exercise?
  • If you were really conducting the study, how would you administer the survey?
  • Why?

3. Take the survey you constructed in Exercise 2 (or create a new survey if you’d like) and search for a free online survey builder (e.g., SurveyMonkey). 

  • Using the items of your survey, create an online survey.
  • What are unique considerations that arise when constructing an online survey?
  • What are advantages of an online survey?
  • What are disadvantages of an online survey?