Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Quantitative Research Designs 
Description: This YouTube video discusses descriptive nonexperimental, quasi-experimental, and experimental research designs and differentiates the three types.

Description: In this YouTube video, the University of Huddersfield lecturer presents proper and improper research design including experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

The Gold Standard: What Are Randomized Controlled Trials and Why Are They Important? 
Description: This YouTube video from the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit explains what randomized controlled trials and why they are important​.

Audio Links

9 Threats to Internal Validity 
Description: This YouTube video of a lecture and PowerPoints can also be listened to as just an audio link. The lecturer describes internal validity and nine threats to internal validity.

Research Methods: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approaches to Gathering Evidence—Part 1 
Description: This first part of the two part series describes qualitative and quantitative research approaches and myths of both approaches.

Research Methods: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approaches to Gathering Evidence—Part 2 
Description: The second part of the two-part series how to determine which approach to use when answering research questions.

Web Resources

Random Assignment 
Description: This website gives advantages and disadvantages of random assignment and provides a case example.

Internal and External Validity 
Description: This multipage website describes internal and external validity in research.